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Kelly Clancy Presents: An Introduction to Reciprocal Stretching 

Studio27 (map)

Join us for this exciting new way to retrain the body that will change the way that you see dysfunctional patterns in movement. Explore strategies using the fascial bags, joint capsules, ligaments, and nervous system as a way to reset abnormal tension patterns

Learn to use reciprocal stretching with Bowen therapy, or other forms of manual or movement therapy, as a means to reset the three-dimensional balance of the body.

With the ability to objectively test the neuromyofascial system, therapists can get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently while treating common pathologies with ease.  Use this technique to ‘retrain the brain’ and facilitate normalized movement patterns.


  1. Understand the newest scientific facts behind fascia and movement, ligaments, mechanoreceptors, and their roles in musculoskeletal tension patterns.

  2. Understand the concept of biotensegrity and how it influences movement and determines restriction patterns.

  3. Understand  how three-dimensional balancing of the entire body can affect long term change in pathological patterns.

  4. Understand how to apply reciprocal stretching to reset tension patterns and reeducate and balance movement strategies.

Cost: $200

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Later Event: November 3
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