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A Pelvic Floor Program

by Lauren Levine,
Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

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Get ready to take an even more detailed look at your individual body and how we can continue to bring it to its fullest potential! 


Who is the Pelvic Floor Program for?

This Program is for all ages and stages of a woman’s life. It doesn’t matter if you delivered a baby two months ago, fifty years ago or never at all. We all have pelvic floors and they can all benefit from this work.

Why is the pelvic floor important?

The pelvic floor is the base of our body. It supports all our vital organs, can control our anxiety levels, plays a role in our emotional health, our physical pain, and so much more! The pelvic floor directly affects every piece of our body and our movement functionality/future functionality of every body part.


What is the Pelvic Floor Program exactly?

Pelvic Floor Program is a four week program for women that meets once per week in a very small class setting to address the individual concerns you have regarding your body functionality and pelvic floor functionality. You will learn about your body on a deeper level and understand how to make your own personal body more open and stronger through your awareness, knowledge, breathing, daily movements and homework. You will be able to apply this newfound knowledge outside of Studio27 to every moment of your life.


Dates: Choose from Wednesdays, September 4th - 25th @ 4:30-6pm

Fridays, October 18th, 25th & November 1st, 8th @ 1245-215pm

(If you would love to participate, but need a different time/day please email I would love to see if I could accommodate you!)

Investment: $595

Refund Policy: No Refunds.

Limited spaces available.

You must be able to attend all 4 sessions. No make-ups available.

Lauren will be taking a look at your bodies through video, as well as in person, and creating/establishing an individual path for you in a small group learning manner.

You will meet with Lauren once before and once after the Program for your assessment and feedback.


The Movement Pelvic Floor Program is great for any woman wanting to:

~Help neck pain, hip pain, back pain, etc.
~Address concerns such as diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation)
~Help TMJ/jaw issues
~Address leaking/incontinence
~Address prolapse
~Help anxiety
~Be preventative regarding future issues
~Understand your own body more
~Take ownership of your physical health

… And so much more!

The Movement - A Pelvic Floor Program

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